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Historians have well established that GOLD is an asset that throughout time holds it's value in terms of purchasing power.  The US Dollar, when it was backed by GOLD, also stood the test of time and became the defacto standard behind all the World's currencies.

But all that changed in 1971 when GOLD was removed from the US Dollar.  That singular act made the US Dollar a FIAT Currency.  Dollars could now be printed as needed and placed into circulation with no backing other than the word of the US Government.  US Dollars are merely paper and the purchasing power of this paper has devalued by more than 90%. 

What is the Fiat Currency Graveyard?

Invest in Gold Fiat Currency Graveyard

Once again, History, tells us that every time a currency is backed by nothing at all it fails miserably and gets placed in the infamous Fiat Currency Graveyard.  People who are left holding the currency and anything backed by the currency experience a major loss of their personal wealth overnight.  These are real events experienced by real people in many parts of the world.  This Forbes Magazine Article summarizes the events leading to the failure of 5 Currencies and the aftermath.  Pay particular attention to the conversion rates of the OLD Currency to the NEW.  NOTICE ANY SIMILARITIES?

Can this Really Happen to the US Dollar? ... Can this Happen to ME?

For various reasons the US Dollar is beginning to be challenged  as  he predominant world currency and pundits are  escribing this as the demise of the US Dollar.  They are predicting the beginning of the end.  What does this mean to a nation that has the majority of it's holdings in US Dollars?  

While it's impossible to predict the exact timing of the fall of the US Dollar, it is a certainty that every FIAT currency in the hi tory of mankind has eventually failed and the US Dollar is not immune to this undeniable fact. How catastrophic will it be?... and what if anything can you do to protect yourself today? This is your wake up call! You still have time to take preventive action.  You still have time to save in Gold to protect yourself and your family. 

Your Stockbroker can't help You!

The only thing your Stockbroker can do is put you into shares of  stocks, ETF's and derivatives of Gold Companies but all of these are still backed and secured by the US Dollar.  You hold no real Gold.  Only Gold, not interests in Gold, holds it's purchasing power!

Is there anything you can do Today to protect Yourself?

You are just three videos away from understanding just how much risk you are assuming and the knowledge that you can begin to change things Starting NOW!  One HOUR of your time is all that is required for you to learn all you need to know, including how to remove yourself from a potentially disastrous course.  


You deserve to gain a better understanding of what took place and what is taking place when it comes to the US Dollar by following the menu selections. An informed person makes better decisions and acts on the information accordingly. The Government is not going to bail YOU OUT when the time comes. Only YOU can protect the Wealth YOU have amassed! 

Most People can't afford Gold by the Ounce

It's a well known fact that the vast majority of people do not hold any significant quantity of Gold, enough Gold to carry them through a devastating crisis when it occurs.  Not to mention that at current prices, purchasing an oUnce of Gold is beyond the reach of many.

 Can You Save in Gold Online in Smaller increments?

The good news is YES!  Today there are many options for saving gold in as little a 1 Gram Gold Bullion bars.  But only one company provides a platform for  you to begin to exchange paper currency for GOLD with A FREE KARATBARS GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT.  

Plus you'll learn how you can begin to acquire FREE GOLD Bullion just getting into the Habit of saving in GOLD and inviting others to open their own Free Gold Savings Account.

READY to TAKE THE FIRST STEP? ... Free Gold Savings Account

Spend as much time as required to educate yourself about the potential pitfalls that await everyone in the very near future.  Be Ready, not Shocked when the time comes.